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The European Investment Bank accelerated its digitization process, resulting in a higher service maturity level.

IGEAN implemented program management from scratch. How they did it?

Stakeholder management is key in an organizational change track. We supported ALD Automotive during this process towards a new Way-Of-Working roll-out within their entire organization.

Simplifying Sanquin’s portfolio organization, resulted in an objective priority setting process and enhanced delivery efficiency.

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A lot of organizations are struggling to keep up with constant changes in the market, high demands of their customers, keeping up with the competition, …

At threon, we make sure we get your strategy delivered, on time and within budget. We do not define your strategy. We believe you know what your ambitions are and what you want to achieve. As experts in Program- en Portfolio management, we have the right techniques in place to have a true impact on your organization. Next to that, we provide you with the right people to get the job done or we can teach your team or individuals the right techniques to make sure you evolve in the right direction.

Discover our services in strategic portfolio and program consulting, training, delivery, talent management and software, apllicable in all industries, or make an appointment for a tailored proposal. This way we determine the best solution for your challenge, together. Let’s get your strategy delivered!

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