Implementing Portfolio Management from scratch: GO! Onderwijs’ success story

Imagine: ‘You have a lot of projects running, and people are simultaneously working on those different projects. You believe it is time to obtain that highly desired ‘helicopter’ view over your current but also future projects, because you feel that you are missing out on opportunities to improve the way your business operates. The Infrastructure Department of GO! Onderwijs experienced the same issue and decided to implement a structured Portfolio Management approach into their organization. Read their story below. You might get inspired yourself!

“After following Threon’s Portfolio Management training, we were convinced of the advantages Portfolio Management could offer our organization. At first, we tried to complete it ourselves, but soon realized that there is no quick standardized method that you can implement that fits every organization and gets all of your team members onboard. Therefore, we asked Threon for consulting support” – Sara Loonbeek, Program Coordinator GO! Onderwijs