Threon Construct:  Handover your construction projects to our team of experts

Let’s face it; the startup and execution of a construction project is complex. Many large construction projects miss their deadlines and exceed the predetermined budget. This is because construction projects take place in a dynamic environment that often teeters on the brink of chaos due to the presence of uncertainties and risks.

The complexity of a construction project is twofold. On the one hand, there is technical complexity, where specific knowledge of construction techniques is required. On the other hand, and often the biggest challenge, there is organizational and management complexity: a lack of communication, limited availability and use of information, pressure on the timeline, a high degree of dependencies between various activities, diversity in the interests of stakeholders, etc.

At Threon Construct, we takeover the project management and we act as a delegated client.  With our unique combination of project management expertise and knowhow of the construction industry,  we deliver high quality solutions to our clients. We rely on a proven roadmap that, when paired with our solutions, ensures unique value creation. Are you ready to get your construction project delivered?

The benefits of working with Threon Construct:

You can focus on your daily tasks and handover the project to an expert

You can rely on a solid partner who defends your needs

We have a unique expertise on project management in combination with construction

We can assist you in project- and program management for private and public construction work,

tailored to your needs and challenges such as:

  • Acting as a delegated construction manager, taking over your tasks
  • Setting up financial feasibility research
  • Guiding the permit processes
  • Coordinating a relocation of your offices
  • Coordinate office furnishings
  • Continuous communication to all stakeholders
  • Leveraging knowledge on the overall construction process
  • Monitoring budget & timing

The unique combination of the necessary expertise and structure makes Threon Construct a partner that assists and represents you at every stage of your construction project. Our aim is to unburden you, successfully conclude and hand over projects.

Our references

"The project had to deal with certain impediments such as a complex and strict regulation environment and polarized interest groups. This lead to challenging stakeholder management. Thanks to Threon’s implementation strategy, the collaboration between stakeholders was optimized, which lead to successful project completion."

"The qualitative project completion proved our expertise in scheduling tools & templates."

"The unique added value of threon Construct is on the one hand, an increased awareness of the importance of decent scheduling. On the other hand, the standardization of daily operations and monitoring of the project, thanks to document control."

"Threon Construct delivered a final optimization cost of 101K euro as a result of re-budgetting. This way, threon Construct amply earned itself back and demonstrated its ROI."

"The success of the project was in a combination of both technical and project management expertise, serving as SPOC, management of the stakeholder expectations and change management."

"The combination of portfolio management and expertise in construction resulted in fortunate delivery of the renovation projects."

"Successful communication management"

"The combination of project and construction related knowledge enabled us to respond to the temporary shortage effortlessly. Moreover was the appointed manager fully operational as from day one."

"Due to a critical and holistic view on the project, Threon Construct created a large number of different scenarios and exposed internal sensitivities that benefited the final result."

Ready to build the future together?