Agile transformation

“Why does our organization struggle to move quickly and how do we empower our people to take more accountability?” is one of the  most common questions we get from our clients. Markets are changing fast and consumers raise their needs. Being able to respond quickly is what differentiates you from your competitors. Implementing a (hybrid) agile way of working is our answer to make sure you reach your goals.

You can count on our expertise on transformation on 4 different levels:

  1. Portfolio /business agility
  2. Business Programs
  3. Product/solutions
  4. Team

At the same time, we guide transformation on 4 domains:

  1. Leadership and culture
  2. Interactions
  3. Organization & governance
  4. Tooling


The advantages of Business and Organizational Agility



future proof



How we work

We start with getting to know your organization. We familiarize ourselves with your culture and way of working. By listening and analyzing, we highlight what will help you move forward. Together with you, we map your goals and the challenges that come with them. Knowing all this, we set-up an efficient approach tailored to your organization. Whether this is full or hybrid agile. This way, we make sure your strategy is delivered.

Why ONDRAF/NIRAS started working agile

Learn how threon supported this transformation

“Thanks to this agile way of working, we reduce risks, quickly deliver results and improve our transversal team collaboration. This results in faster decision-making and increased internal communication” William Wacquier – Head of mission disposability

Is your organization RAFA?

RAFA on 4 domains, on 4 different levels

What is being more RAFA?

 As an organization it can be difficult to move quickly in a dynamic environment on the one hand and to empower our people to take more accountability on the other hand. For any organization it is important to be more RAFA in these environments and situations. What does this mean? 

Considering an agile transformation?

Let us assist you in taking the right steps

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