Program Management


Working agile to reduce risks & improve transversal teamwork

ONDRAF/NIRAS is the Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials. They manage all radioactive waste in Belgium, providing solutions with the outmost respect for society and the environment.

The project

ONDRAF/NIRAS is planning to build and operate a surface disposal facility for the low-level radioactive waste. The preparation of this unique project in Belgium is very complex and requires a lot of different teams working together. That’s why ONDRAF/NIRAS decided to manage this large and transversal program in an agile way, which helps them to reduce risks and uncertainties.

What did we do?


  1. Define their objectives (capabilities) for the upcoming 4-5 years to operate the surface disposal facility.
  2. Prioritize those capabilities based on the level of risk and uncertainties and their added value.
  3. Implementing an agile way of working for the most critical projects in the program. Meaning, supporting them with setting-up a visual board to follow-up all the different actions, the organization of iteration reviews and stand-ups

“Working agile enables us to reduce risks, quickly deliver results and make decisions faster, but also improved the collaboration between our transversal teams. Transparent communication increased, both within the teams as between teams and management, which is a very important step towards achieving our objectives”, – William Wacquier, head of Mission Disposability.


Next steps

Next to finalizing this current program, we continue our collaboration with supporting ONDRAF/NIRAS in their agile way of working to develop the program regarding IT tools needed to get the surface disposal facility up and running.