The cooperation between De Vlaamse Waterweg & Threon

About ‘De Vlaamse Waterweg’

De Vlaamse Waterweg manages and operates navigatable waterways.
With their projects, they protect Flanders from flood and draught and they build a powerful network that contributes to Flanders’ prosperity.


The project

After a merger in 2018, De Vlaamse Waterweg entered into a partnership with threon to set up the central PMO.
In the meantime, the collaboration between threon and De Vlaamse Waterweg is more strategic in nature, focusing on the optimization of the portfolio management processes (including benefit realization, prioritization, capacity planning, etc.) that are necessary to realize the strategy. In this context, work has started on drawing up a Master Plan and Strategic Plan, including Business Drivers and Strategic Labels.

Discover how De Vlaamse Waterweg experiences working with threon:



Next steps

Efforts will continue to be made in the coming years on several topics such as:

  • Efficient execution and follow-up of the portfolio
  • Targeted reports
  • Operation support to all departments, programs, …
  • Change management
  • Anchoring the strategic labels