The cooperation between Infrabel & threon

February 15th, 2010 – the devastating train collision in Buizingen, Belgium, takes the lives of 19 passengers and injures 171 persons. To avoid future such disasters, Infrabel has invested heavily in rail safety. They launched two automatic safety systems that continuously monitor train speeds and intervene if necessary by triggering an emergency stop. To get these systems up and running, Infrabel could count on threon’s digital expertise.

Infrabel wants to look ahead at the rail network of the future, where safety is paramount. Their ambition is to complete their entire safety track by 2025. In this context, it must also be possible to guarantee the safety of Infrabel employees, which is one of the key objectives of the Safer-Works program that threon supports. Safer-Works focuses on optimally protecting employees in the rails and improving the safety level of the work carried out.

Digitization and automation of current safety measures and making these measures simpler and more efficient are central to the program. Today, when carrying out work, workers need to go through a number of procedures that use paper forms. Thanks to Safer-Works, such procedures are replaced by procedures that are automatically integrated into material safety systems for a more efficient digital and safer alternative. Threon is proud to be able to contribute to a safer working environment for Infrabel employees.