Digital transformation

Digital transformation is crucial for your business to remain relevant, competitive, and responsive in the digital age. It empowers your organization to optimize processes, improve customer experiences, and seize new opportunities while mitigating risks and enhancing overall business performance. But how do you start this transformation in your business? What are the pitfalls and how do you get everyone on board? Thanks to our expertize in portfolio and program management, threon is in a unique position to help you deliver your digital strategy and offer support and guidance, every step of the way.

The advantages of Digital Transformation

Access new markets and customers

Increase efficiency and productivity

Future proof your organization

Enhance your customer experiences

Make data-driven decisions

Become faster at adapting to changes

Our approach

We start with getting to know your organization. We familiarize ourselves with your culture and way of working. By listening and analyzing, we highlight what will help you move forward. We challenge your digital strategy to make sure it is robust and airtight. Based on your digital strategy we help define a digital roadmap that links your strategy and initiatives, incorporates lean budgeting and is a clear roadmap for the journey ahead. Based on the roadmap we help transform your organization with program setup, transition management, change management and project delivery. To ensure that the desired changes are realized, we support middle management and facilitate the individual and organizational mind-shift required for the digital strategy to succeed.

The everlasting journey of 'becoming' digital

    E-book Everlasting journey to 'becoming' digital

    What clients say

    "With threon's help, EIB accelerated its digitization process, resulting in a higher service maturity level. New ideas got centralized and automated reporting was introduced. In other words: threon simplified the program and portfolio processes tremendously"

    "Thanks to threon, we took the right steps on digital level to guarantee safety for our employees and travelers"

    Considering a digital transformation?

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