Arbo Unie & threon

Arbo Unie, a prominent health and safety service provider in the Netherlands, partnered with threon to streamline Portfolio Management and enhance project alignment with strategic goals. Learn in this interview how the collaboration helped set-up a working portfolio management process for Arbo Unie.

Who is who at Arbo Unie?

Lonneke de Bree: “I am responsible for processes and quality in the information management department. I ensure that within information management the same way of working is used, especially for the processes related to the business. In addition to that, I am a portfolio manager for Arbo Unie.”

Bas de Wit: “I am CIO, IT director and part of the board of directors. Besides the standard tasks of an IT director, the priority is to digitally transform Arbo Union, to set up and implement this digitization.”