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We believe in the power of continuous learning & development to drive organizational success. As both a Learning Architect and Training Provider, we offer tailored solutions in:

  • Project-, Program-, and Portfolio management
  • Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Culture

Whether you’re seeking a partner to help you develop a blueprint for your company’s learning strategy or if you aim to offer your employees an inspiring and engaging learning experience, we’re here to empower your organization.

Looking for a tailored training or interested in subjects that are not included in the catalogue? Send us a mail at mindshift@threon.com and we’ll get in touch!

Our digital catalogue

The catalogue is developed with digital users in mind and is straightforward to navigate on your computer. There are links embedded in the document so you are able to quickly find the part of our offering that’s most interesting to you, and navigate to the right page on our website to book the training for your organization.

Open the digital catalogue in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, …) for the best viewing quality.

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