How threon optimized De Witte – Vandecaveye’s Project Planning

Since 1948, De Witte – Vandecaveye (DWVDC) is actively participating in the electricity sector and strives to create distinctive value by offering their customers an allround electricity and railway technology service. The organization has grown immensely fast throughout the last couple of years; which provides multiple industry opportunities, but at the same time new and complicated challenges. Our threon experts helped DWVDC to better organize their internal organization by implementing Microsoft Project Online for optimized project planning and automated reporting. Managing resources with Microsoft Project Online could be a possible next step in the future.  In addition, we made sure the whole transition happened smoothly while we took stakeholder involvement high into account.

Growing fast has consequences. New challenges arise and for organizations like DWVDC, who are growing exceptionally fast (DWVDC has been rewarded as Trends Gazelle for SME’s in 2017), challenges are even more complex. Due to their growth, the organization was able to initiate more new projects. Consequently, more projects mean more time investments, but while the organization is limited in its working time on railway lines, optimized planning was required.