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Niels Visser at threon TKS

What’s it like, working at threon in The Netherlands?

  It’s always been the ambition of threon to take care of its employees. And how to measure this better than sitting down with one …

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What is your one big change that cannot fail?

What is your one big change that can not fail? Get your 2023 strategy delivered by making sure you put the right things in place.

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Program Management Strategic portfolio management

Annual threon fundraiser

Each year during the Christmas period, we hold a fundraiser where the threon-family raises money for a specific NGO.

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Strategic Innovation Bootcamp

Installing innovation in the core of your business will transform your business and make you futureproof.

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Strategic portfolio management

Strategy Execution: Online Assessment

Take part in this online assessment and discover how you improve the delivery of strategic objectives! Your organization’s strategic goals for 2023 are set. Now …

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lean budgeting

Simplify your budgeting exercise by working lean

Book this workshop and save up to 25% in time!

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Strategic portfolio management
Geert Gysel joins threon

Threon attracts international experience in change management

It is threon’s ambition to invest in and aim for sustainable growth, both in size of our team and number of offices, as well as …

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More than 20 new vacancies at Threon thanks to growth

“Hiring 20 new colleagues that join our team would be a great 20th anniversary gift”

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Strategic portfolio management

Threon celebrates 20th anniversary with new shareholders

20 years of Threon calls for a celebration!

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Strategic portfolio management