Annual threon fundraiser

As a consultancy firm full of passionate people known for their human approach, we decided to take threon’s humanity to the next level. So, a few years ago, it was time for threon to really embed CSR in the organization’s culture.

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We divided our corporate social responsibility in 4 important pillars:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Community
  • Employee Well-Being
  • Environment

During the year, our CSR-teams organise several fun activities for the employees to contribute to all 4 pillars.

This year’s initiative in a nutshell!

Each year during the Christmas period, we hold a fundraiser where the threon-family raises money for a specific NGO. This time, the Community-team organised a fantastic initiative to support the Belgian Foodbanks, the purpose of this NGO is to provide food aid to those in need. By supporting this NGO, we want to do our part to fight poverty in Belgium.

How did we raise money?

This year, our employees were free to participate in 2 different activities. A sporting activity and a delicious Christmas market at the headoffice in Ghent.

For the sporting activity, teams of 4 were formed to complete as much walking/biking/other kilometres as possible. For each walking kilometre, 6 points were awarded. For each biking kilometre, 1 point was awarded. The winning team of this year had some good workouts and scored 3478,14 points!

The second activity was the Christmas market at the office in Ghent. Everyone was free to cook/bake a delicious dish, that then could be sold for a fair price during the market. And looking at the pictures, it’s fair to say that our team has some fine chefs and bakers!

Finally, we are very proud to announce that the Belgian Foodbanks will start the year 2023, and believe it or not, with an extra amount of €2023!

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