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What is your one big change that cannot fail?

What has an absolute focus this year?

The most important or biggest transformations are often not well prepared or managed.
They are too important which makes that people experience too much pressure and want to do it quickly.
Skipping steps by wanting to proceed fast, is a huge hurdle in strategy realization.


How are you managing your most important program? 

There are 3 words we really want to stress to guide you in your strategy realization; CHOOSE, MOVE & IMPROVE.
But what do we mean with those words? Let’s explain:
Choose stands for choosing where to you want to lead your organisation, what you want to realise and how you will prioritise.
Move reflects the change, implementing the right processes and guiding your teams into the flow.
Improve is making sure your strategy comes to life, by using clear dashboards and reporting.


Do you want to get moving?

Download our ebook on Program management with practical tips to maximize the succes of your strategic transformation:

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Do you want to get moving even faster?
Book a 1 day bootcamp!



Having a clear and shared view on your current situation and your big change in 2023, will bring more clarity and understanding.
Your organization will be able to define a realistic ambition and develop a realistic roadmap.


How does it work?

Intake & preparation: There will be an intake meeting to exchange key inputs of the AS IS situation. After this, threon senior experts will prepare the Bootcamp.

1 Day bootcamp: Different key stakeholders of your organization all explain the current situation, from their point of view.

Threon experts visualize the AS IS situation in one view, and  challenge you, based on our best practices.

Consolidated view, first roadmap & support: The same threon experts consolidate the AS IS situation, propose a 1st high level roadmap for strategy execution and onboard the management on these outcomes.


Your investment: 

5000 euro ex. VAT


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