Strategic portfolio management

Strategic Portfolio Management: Let’s start prioritizing


Each organization is constantly evolving and going through change. Whether you are introducing a new product or service, going through reorganization or want to adapt your way of working, there is always something going on. Not every organization knows how to successfully implement this change to transform it into a benefit.

  • Are you wondering who is working on which projects or initiatives and for how long?
  • Are everyone’s priorities aligned and do they help realizing your global strategy?

Research shows that 20% of a project budget is wasted because there’s no consistent project management approach. It’s time to change this: start prioritizing!

Why prioritize?

You have a strategy and initiatives or projects are on the table. Now you have to decide which ones receive (part of the) budget (first) to get executed, because there’s no budget to realize them all. But how do you make these decisions in an objective way? Our prioritization method helps you out. Reading this e-book is your first step towards getting a clear overview on which projects or initiatives are really contributing to your strategy and which not. Prioritization enables you to select the right projects and to execute them in the right order, so you strategy gets successfully realized.

What will you learn in this e-book?

  • Why prioritization is so important
  • How to get started & what do you need to take into account?
  • Threon’s checklist to evaluate your current prioritization process
How to prioritize initiatives to get your strategy delivered?
Threon's checklist to evaluate your prioritization process
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