The benefits of the PMO Masterclass:

The Project Management Office (PMO) plays a crucial role in driving organizational success by providing governance, standardization, and support for project management practices. This comprehensive PMO Masterclass is designed to enhance the capabilities of PMO professionals and equip them with advanced skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. Through a series of immersive modules, participants will gain insights into PMO best practices, develop essential competencies, and learn how to effectively establish, optimize, and sustain a high-performing PMO. By attending this masterclass, PMO professionals can elevate their expertise and contribute significantly to the success of projects and organizational objectives.


  • Enhanced PMO performance: Participants will gain advanced skills and knowledge to establish, optimize, and sustain high-performing PMOs, leading to improved project management practices and better overall project outcomes.
  • Strategic alignment: PMO professionals will learn how to align the PMO with organizational strategies, ensuring that project initiatives contribute directly to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
  • Improved value delivery: By focusing on value-driven practices, participants will be able to measure and communicate the value

What will you learn in this training?

The PMO Masterclass covers the following modules:

  • Module 1: Threon’s PMO Model
  • Module 2: Set up your PMO and show the added value
  • Module 3: How to keep your PMO alive
  • Module 4: Servant leadership in PMO
  • Module 5: Your project organization as department of simplicity
  • Module 6: PMO transformation programs
  • Module 7: LASO and lean agile portfolio management
  • Module 8: PMO of the future

What can you expect?

2 days classroom training sessions

High quality training material

Real-life exercises and case studies, provided by a highly skilled trainer

Book this training 'In-Company'

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