The benefits of Kanban Fundamentals:

The aim of this training is to learn about the basics, motivation and benefits of Kanban and to understand the relation between Kanban and agile. It’s the ideal entry point for members of a team or a leader who wants to understand the key concepts in Kanban.


In this training you will:

  • Learn the six core practices of kanban and it’s benefits:
    • Visualize
    • Limit work in progress
    • Manage flow
    • Make policies explicit
    • Establish feedback loop
    • Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally
  • How to set up your kanban and run kanban meetings
  • Reflect on the three change management & three service delivery principles
  • Lessons learned & examples from kanban implementation case studies

What can you expect?

1 day classroom training session

High quality training material

Real-life exercises and case studies, provided by a highly skilled trainer


Book this training 'In-Company'

Do you think this training is interesting for you and your colleagues to follow together? You can book this training as ‘In-Company’ formula, by sending us a booking request with more info. We’ll arrange everything to get you started soon!