The benefits of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Project Teams:

The more diverse a team is, the more likely it is to outperform other project teams. Nevertheless, such teams are more difficult to manage because here equality and inclusion must be embedded in daily task management, interpersonal relationships and project governance. The aim of this training is to gain a better understanding of how to work well together in project teams through DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and is intended to inspire project managers & people managers.


In this training you will learn:

  • Setting up the right team types for your project
  • Establish governance following the 60-30-10 rule using the benefits of relationships and roles, diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Applying 12 keys for better collaborative teams in your own practice
  • Empowering and facilitating DEI competences in team members

What can you expect?

1 day classroom training session

High quality training material

Real-life exercises and case studies, provided by a highly skilled trainer


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