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Why you should start with scenario thinking

In today’s fast-paced and unpredictable business environment, organizations compete and strive to uncover new opportunities. Adapting to this ever-changing landscape and being prepared for the uncertain future have become crucial capabilities for every organization. To develop and acquire these essential capabilities, your organization requires an approach for thinking about the future as accurately as possible.
Threon provides the solution in the form of scenario thinking.

Through the application of scenario thinking, we ensure that your current and future portfolio align with your strategic objectives. The approach incorporates a diverse range of inputs, allowing for a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the future in the form of plausible scenarios.
Unlike traditional forecasting methods that rely on recent historical events to predict a single future, scenario thinking offers a more holistic and accurate perspective. This allows your organization’s portfolio to gain the capability to anticipate and effectively prepare for future challenges that may arise, enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors and navigate potential obstacles with confidence.

Consider the energy crisis that occurred in the past year. This crisis caught many organizations off guard because it was not anticipated through traditional forecasting. This highlights the value of practicing scenario thinking.
Rather than passively waiting for an uncertain future and suffering the consequences of unforeseen changes, your organization can proactively prepare its portfolio for a broader range of potential futures and capitalize on upcoming opportunities.

Moreover, scenario thinking empowers your organization to develop contingency plans based on early indicators derived from the scenarios. This proactive approach ensures readiness, enabling prompt initiation of necessary portfolio changes when the identified scenario unfolds. By doing so, your organization gains an early mover advantage over competitors.

In conclusion, scenario thinking serves as the foundation for portfolio management and organizational change. It enables strategic alignment and effective decision-making about the future, through a comprehensive perspective of the future.
Enabling your organization to navigate flawless through the dynamic business landscape.