Threon attracts international experience in change management

It is threon’s ambition to invest in and aim for sustainable growth, both in size of our team and number of offices, as well as in the added value we continue to bring to our clients. That is why we keep looking for highly experienced people with an entrepreneurial mindset to join our team. People with extensive knowledge in strategic portfolio or program management and a down-to-earth mentality. Why? We want to offer our clients the best possible support as their strategy delivery partner, and how to do this better than by embracing international expertise in our organization! Let’s introduce you to Geert Gysel, one of our new strategic portfolio managers. 

With almost 25 years of experience, Geert brings extensive knowledge and practical expertise in entrepreneurship, change management on portfolio level and ERP implementations to threon 


Geert Gysel joins threon

Geert Gysel joins threon


Hi Geert, welcome to threon! 

Thanks, happy to join this team!

You bring a lot of international and entrepreneurial experience to threon, can you elaborate on this?  

During my career, I’ve set-up and managed various companies. I started in IT and implemented SAP and ERP trajectories, but quickly started my own advisory agency that focused on helping teams embrace change within their organization. We were active in more than 20 countries in various industries, which gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand how to manage organizational change between contrasting cultures with different languages and ways of working. It provided a lot of knowledge on how to handle resistance and other challenges that characterize change activities within organizations, both in agile as more traditional environments.  

I believe that organizations can only achieve their strategic goals if they have a team of motivated people ready to deliver. Handling change within organizations in the right way, is therefore so important.

Why did you make the switch to threon? 

After selling my advisory company I’ve set-up two smaller organizations in Belgium. Big scopes, smaller sizes, but nevertheless equally interesting as working for multinationals, because of the specific challenges of smaller companies and their variety in industries. After corona I found it time to combine all this knowledge to join forces with a company that resembles everything I strongly believe in. And I missed partnering up with clients to help them move through change. So, if your organization can use some guidance through a merge, new ERP implementation or change in general with great impact on big groups of teams: give threon a call and we’ll be happy to help!

You say threon resembles everything you strongly believe in?

It does. Threon’s biggest strength is its team’s eagerness to share honest, effective advice and be a true partner for clients. This reflects in guiding clients in a no-nonsense, approachable, and professional way. While other consultants make sure they somehow become irreplaceable, threon’s team aims to guide clients towards a self-steering approach. Which, to my personal experience, brings the most added value.

Thanks Geert! We are convinced you will do a great job in supporting our clients through their strategic challenges.  


Geert Gysel

Threon welcomes Geert Gysel