Strategy Execution: Online Assessment

Take part in this online assessment and discover how you improve the delivery of strategic objectives!

Your organization’s strategic goals for 2023 are set. Now it’s up to you to make it happen. You’re aiming at a successful strategy delivery, but that’s not always without its challenges. Are you aware of your organization’s blind spots that impact the success ratio of strategy execution?

In particular, the way leadership, change, communities, and processes are handled.

How does your organization score on these elements? And more important, do you know how to improve them, guaranteeing that the objectives your organization wants to achieve in 2023 actually and successfully get delivered?

This online assessment offers insights on where to improve your organization’s way of working so your strategy gets successfully realized.

Your benefits when filling in this assessment:

  • Discover your organization’s blind spots that impact the successful delivery of your strategic initiatives
  • Receive specific action points that help you improve the way you perform projects and initiatives and get some tailored feedback from our team
  • Be part of our unique BENELUX benchmark research where we want to highlight recurring challenges that impact strategy execution and how to improve them

How does it work?

This assessment consists of 34 statements, all related to a specific element that influences the success ratio of an organization’s strategy execution. After scoring them for your specific organization, you’ll receive the results and tailored feedback from our team during a half-an-hour Teams call.