New Lean Budgeting Workshop

Book this workshop and save up to 25% in time!

Book this workshop and save up to 25% in time!

Are you currently organizing your organization’s budgeting exercise? Meaning: putting a lot of effort in collecting and consolidating all required information, to finally divide your available budget on prioritized initiatives? A heavy and time-consuming yearly exercise, which often leaves you with a lot of waste of information and time in the end. Do you recognize these struggles? No worries, we have your back.

Many of our clients are doing this exercise lean, with our support to guide them through the process.

And we can’t prove them wrong because lean budgeting:

  • Brings simplicity
  • Is value driven
  • Avoids detailing uncertainty

Interested to learn how lean budgeting eases the budgeting exercise within your specific organization? Discover yourself how to have a simplified, quickly set-up budgeting process, that’s clear for everyone involved.

How to start simplifying your budgeting process?

A one-day workshop where all relevant stakeholders (IT, business, PMO/SRO or portfolio management and Finance) have a seat at the table, will do the trick. This workshop consists of 4 steps:

  1. We get to know your organization and its budgeting challenges
  2. After listening to you, we share our best practices, tailored to your specific organizational needs. As a result, you receive 5 quick wins that immediately saves you 25% time
  3. Together, we define a tailored roadmap to get started yourself
  4. Additionally included: you can count on our support to convince your management of the suggested roadmap

 You will immediately notice the advantages of this workshop, because of the in-depth knowledge and practical approach that is shared during this day. With over 20 years of experience in supporting organizations with their budgeting cycle, we know exactly how to guide you successfully through this exercise.

Your investment: € 5000 (ex. vat)


Start now!

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