Strategic portfolio management

Threon celebrates 20th anniversary with new shareholders

Ghent – In 2022, Threon is more than 20 years active in the consultancy business, specialized in strategic portfolio and program management. It’s team of 100 consultants is active in the BeNeLux at clients like Colruyt, Partena Group, NIRAS, Oleon, Baloise, Securex, TVH, Renson, Ferrero, Infrabel and many more.

“20 Years of experience is within the consultancy business quite some reference”, according to Tom Dedecker, Threon’s CEO. “In the last couple of years, our services shifted more in the direction of strategic portfolio management, both in traditional as well as agile working organizations. Helping organizations to successfully reach their strategic goals in a structured and efficient way, is what we’re known for. And we’re ready for another 20 years!

Next to myself, Anton Boone, Jeroen D’hulst and Eric Noerdinger become majority shareholders. Gonda Storms and Christophe Delbecq stay minority shareholder.

New shareholders are familiar Threon faces

CEO Tom Dedecker explains more in detail why this shift happened: ‘We’ve used the last years to set-up the right organizational structure for ourselves, based upon our vision for the future. Dividing our teams into business units was part of that re-organization. All majority shareholders are also business unit managers, which is a key-role within our organization. I believe that becoming shareholders is the perfect opportunity to strengthen their connection with Threon even more’.

20 years of Threon: celebrations are in order!

“20 years of Threon is an important milestone for our organization and we’ll not let this pass by in silence. Various celebration activities and events (both for our team as our clients) are planned, from sharing knowledge to a true celebration party. Of course all in order of the current COVID-regulations”.

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