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Talent Management Consulting

You have a clear vision on your (long-term) strategy. You’ve even set-up a structured portfolio and program management approach. Now it’s time to figure out if you have the right (in-house) skills to achieve those (long-term) goals. What are your team’s talent strengths and skill gaps? On which specific skills do you need to invest to realize your strategy? In other words: how do you evolve towards a strong Portfolio Management Learning Organization that offers you the following benefits:  

The advantages of Talent Management

Enhanced adaptability of your teams

Tailored development roadmaps

Increased team collaboration and learning

Overview of your team's growth path & employee life cycle

Insights to assign the right competences to the right projects or initiatives

Increased employee satisfaction & lower turn-over rates

How do you achieve this?

The steps towards your learning organization:  

  1. We listen to you.
    First, we get to know you and your organization. Your goals, challenges, and desires.
  2. Maturity assessment of your current Learning Organization
    Together we visualize your teams’ strengths and skill-gaps
  3. Performance Management, Learning & Development & Leadership strategy 
    Based on the outcome of the assessment, you receive tailored recommendations that will help you manage your organization’s competence management. Tailored training roadmaps are of course included. We guide you through this entire change journey, so you can really create an effective learning-mindset that helps you realize your short- and long-term strategy successfully.  


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Portfolio management or Lean Agile training courses, certifications and best practice sessions. You find them all in our training offer, both available as in-company training or to develop your individual, professional skills.

We’ll let our clients do the talking

"We established a clear vision on career paths, have now competence-based role descriptions and offer our project managers tailored roadmaps that will help them in realizing our strategy".

"Together with threon, we established a unified learning roadmap for our portfolio and project management roles, based on the needs of our organization. This included an executive leadership workshop, a broad project management fundaments program and an advanced training certification program".

"threon is our academy partner for many years now. At one point, we desired a more tailored approach to train our project staff and we're happy we contact threon again".

"Based on our long-term strategy, we got a clear overview of our talent's strengths and skill gaps via threon's competence map. This way, we could improve individual and team performances".

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