Strategic portfolio management

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Every year, we invest a lot of time and effort in understanding what our network of clients need. What are their current challenges and how can we offer them the right solution, tailored to their specific organizational needs? As a result, we noticed that a lot of agile working organizations currently struggle with managing their portfolio budgeting exercise. Is their way of budgeting really Lean? Are they experiencing the true value of Lean Portfolio Budgeting or are they missing out on a lot of benefits that will ease the existing financial processes within their organization? We’re here to find out!

Lean Portfolio Budgeting exercise, from a financial point of view

If you’re a financial manager, controller, or director: this survey is for you!

You might notice difficulties popping up in your own organization when the portfolio budgeting exercise is being executed. One of the reasons can be that portfolio managers underestimate the impact Lean Portfolio Budgeting has on the existing financial processes. That’s why you can play a crucial role in the transition to true Lean Portfolio Budgeting within your organization. This survey is the first step.