International Women’s Day – Let’s celebrate the women in our team!

Have you seen Marie-Anne at threon yet?

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate all women but especially the ones who work at our team. Let us introduce you to one in particular: Marie-Anne Morris. She joined our team since November 2021 as Senior Product Manager. Asking her about her joining the team, she would modestly say ‘it’s only recently that I started at threon’, but in that past period, she’s shown her drive and added value by sharing senior knowledge of almost 30 years of experience with our customers.

Hi Marie-Anne, welcome again to the team! We’re curious about your role at threon and how you’re going to support our clients, but even more about the person behind the name. Tell us a bit more about yourself:

“Passionate about my job since the first day I started, which I actually celebrate this month with 30 years of experience and still counting. I am demanding on myself and others which manifests itself in the fact that I’m result-oriented and like it when projects successfully get delivered on time, while going the extra mile. I hope this, in combination with my analytical mind, offers our clients high-quality guidance. People who I previously worked with, would describe me as authentic and transparent in the way I communicate. I want them to think of me as a partner, who offers them honest feedback and advice, which they appreciate a lot have I been told.

On a personal level, I’m an independent woman, knowing exactly what she wants in her life and even more what she doesn’t want! Spending time in my garden and making my home always even more welcoming for my loved ones, is what makes me happy. Ideally to share and create more new memories with them. Oh, and I’m a true cat-person. Did I mention that before?”


No, you did not 😊. 30 years of experience, congratulations! What did you learn then that you now take with you in your role at threon?

I’ve spent 28 years in the Banking-Insurance sector, exercising different roles on business and on IT side. Since 2004 I’m implementing and operationalizing Project Portfolio Management, so I’m bringing my skills in financial controlling, procurement, audit, and compliance, change management, performance management and transformation of programs with me.

Quite a list! Why did you make the switch to threon?

I know Tom, our CEO, for at least 15 years now. In 2008, we joined forces to implement the Project Online tool within Allianz Belgium. In 2018, I became a freelancer and when my last assignment ended, Tom proposed to join threon as Senior Product Manager. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to share my experience in Strategic Portfolio Management with other colleagues in an internal threon role but, at the same time, be able to continue guiding customers because that’s what I love to do most.

Can you elaborate a bit more about your internal role? 

I’m responsible for everything that’s related to Strategic Portfolio Management. In collaboration with our team, we develop the end-to-end value chain and translate the product strategy into a detailed service catalog for our clients. I co-create buy-in for the product vision both internally and with external partners, next to developing pricing and positioning strategies.

Last question, what would you describe to be threon’s strengths? 

It really gives me energy to see how our team is handling threon’s strong new focus on strategic portfolio management and program set-up at clients. It’s always a pleasure seeing how our combined experiences can result in real impact for our clients in delivering their strategy. The collegiality, pragmatism, and goodwill to support each other and our clients in a partnership role is a great diversifier. There is a big willingness to do consultancy through another philosophy than the classical consultancy firms. What clients like about us, is that we’re authentic and transparent in our communication. We do not want to sell the perfect theoretical concepts to our clients. We think with them, to find the solutions that are a perfect fit for them. That’s a whole other approach.

Thank you Marie-Anne! 

At threon, half our team are strong, smart women passionate about their work and beliefs, just like Marie-Anne. Want to join us and become part of this team? Take a look at our open vacancies!