How to start with strategic portfolio management


May 19, 2022    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

You defined your strategy, but what’s the next step to get it delivered?
How to manage your available resources while guaranteeing every euro that you invest, brings enough value in return?

Operating according to the proven principles of Strategic Portfolio Management will help you:

  • Select the right projects or initiatives (in other words: the ones that really contribute to delivering your strategy)
  • Execute them in the right way (meaning: making sure the right people are working in an efficient and effective way towards your organization’s goals)

Strategic Portfolio Management helps you move from A to B, within time and budget. And this webinar will show you how!

Why this webinar?

A lot of organizations are struggling with this exercise. How can they execute their strategy successfully, within time and budget, while being flexible at the same time to adapt to changes? This webinar gives you a good impression on how to get started. Your host Marie-Anne will guide you through the process of carefully selecting the right programs and projects I order to build a balanced portfolio. She will show you the benefits of using Strategic Portfolio Management, by explaining real client cases and share tips to get started yourself.

What will you learn?

  • The main steps of Strategic Portfolio Management
  • How to get started within your organization
  • What are the pitfalls and how to manage them?
  • How does a healthy portfolio look like?
  • Tips from your host

Join us!

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The spoken language in this webinar session is English. If you want to join in French, please register here.