In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s foundations is key to success. Since December, as part of our Foundations Campaign, we have polled over 350 organizations about their organizational Foundations.

With our Foundations QuickScan, organizations were able to discover the area’s they are strongest at, and the area’s that needed to be developed more.

How does your organization compare to its peers?

During this event we will unveil the results of our Benelux wide benchmark study. Here’s what’s in store for you:

💡 Get a Glimpse Inside: Uncover how the foundation of your organization stands tall in comparison to its peers.

💡 Fuel Your Inspiration: Our panel of experts will ignite your passion for organizational efficiency, leaving you brimming with ideas to elevate your game.

💡 Engage and Conquer: Join vibrant discussions with like-minded individuals, sharing strategies and insights on conquering future challenges.



16.30: Welcome
17.00: Results Benchmarking & insights by panel of experts
18.30: Start Networking event
20.00: End

Venue: Threon Brussels
Boulevard de la Woluwe 46 – 1200 Bruxelles

This is a free event, but you will need to register to access the event.
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