Microsoft® Project Fundamentals

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Learn how to plan your projects and how to integrate PMI Methods. Troubleshoot your current practice and attain the basics of Microsoft Project. Plan and control your projects according to the PMI® processes and utilize all features of this software.

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⚠ On-site trainings will be held in Brussels, respecting the COVID-19 safety procedures. Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 regulation, taken by the Belgium Government, it might occur that on-site training dates will be forced to change to virtual sessions. If that change occurs, we will inform the participant 30 days prior to the first date of the training session.

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📍 On-Site & 🏢 In-company

  • 1 full day

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  • 1 day on-site training
  • Training Material
  • Exercises & Case Studies
  • Lunch

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Your organization uses project management tools to run projects effectively and to support your project management processes. This course explains how project management processes can be supported with Microsoft® Project by guiding you through all applicable PMI project management process groups, and by teaching you how to use the MS® Project software to make your scheduling work easier.

Microsoft® Project is the most popular project management software and is used in almost every organization. In order to use it effectively you need to know more than how to work with the user interface. You need to know which project management processes and techniques are really supported by the software and how they are applied as Best Practices throughout your project. This course provides you with this knowledge and helps you to build the skills necessary to use it.

Your benefits

  • Learn Best Practices of scheduling processes for time and cost management with real best practices and real examples;
  • Understand the key concepts of MS® Project, such as task types, the context in which MS®Project is used and its terminology;
  • Learn to set up a new project and be able to navigate the MS® Project user interface;
  • Use this training as your troubleshooting possibility, ask any questions you have regarding the tool;
  • Learn to enter the Work Breakdown Structure (work packages, activities and tasks), and to define and assign resources;
  • Learn to optimize the schedule via the critical path;
  • Learn to build optimal schedules, ready for future tracking and control.

Course outline

  1. What is MS® Project and the PMBOK® Guide?
  2. Critical factors for success application;
  3. Setting up a project;
  4. Create a new project, options and project calendar;
  5. The Work Breakdown Structure;
  6. Activity sequencing & duration estimation;
  7. What are estimates?
  8. How to use resources and resource pools?
  9. Documenting, planning assumptions;
  10. Developing a schedule;
  11. Searching for the critical path;
  12. Optimization of the schedule for time or cost;
  13. Resolve resource over-allocation;
  14. Cost budgeting;
  15. Completing all cost elements;
  16. Freezing views of the schedule via baselining;
  17. Schedule control - Cost control;
  18. Updating the project information & tracking progress;
  19. Reporting;
  20. Performance management;
  21. Link with Project Online (short description);
  22. Wrap-up.