Agile Hybrid Project Management Training

A modern PM approach combining best of both worlds

This rather new project management approach called Hybrid Project Management is gaining popularity and acceptance as it combines the best of the Agile approach – for what can’t be planned – with the more traditional planned based approach, for what should be planned. It’s interesting that this new approach can be applied to the majority of the projects.

The hybrid project management approach allows the team to create a high-level plan for the overall project approach, providing direction, structure and guidance for the project before starting to work, but also divides the development and delivery cycle into short-term deliveries called sprints.

Because of this approach, Hybrid project Management can handle changes on requirements much easier, and, due to its iterative nature, can deliver & implement project results in stages (releases), with every release enabling the benefits realization. As soon as the project result meets the minimum viable product (MVP) requirements as defined for that release, it can released for business use while the project team can continue on the delivery of the future release.

€ 1195

€ 1095

Early bird price

Early bird pricing applies when registering at least 2 months before the training start date.

Duration: 2 days

PDUs: 14

  • Technical: 9
  • Leadership: 3
  • Strategic & Business : 2


  • 10:00 - 18:00 | Day 1
  • 09:00 - 17:00 | Day 2

Course Fee includes:

  • 2 days classroom training
  • Training material
  • Lunch, drinks & snacks

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Your benefits

  • Understand the basic principles of both Agile and traditional PM methods
  • Have gained theoretical and practical experience in the area of both classical waterfall project management and Agile Hybrid project management;
  • Have learned the processes of Hybrid Project Management including the roles and responsibilities of a “SCRUM Master, Product Owner and the various forms of project teams;
  • Have developed/updated your knowledge of project management principles, practices, tools and techniques according to global PM best practices (ISO 21500, PMI’s PMBOK® Guide)