Talent Management: Individual Assessment

How can you assess the potential of your project management talent pool? How can you develop an effective development plan, tailored to their current skills and competencies and in line with expectations on maturity evolution?

Project management best practices promote structure. But what about uniform processes, solid monitoring and control, flexibility and agility? Are you able to adapt to unplanned events or ready to adjust to opportunities? All these items above are as equally important to be a successful organization. Are you ready to get more insights in the talents and development opportunities of your own organization’s team members?’

Talent Management: Individual Assessment

Our approach towards an individual assessment

Threon’s individual assessment provides:

  • The project manager with a benchmark on his current skills and competencies
  • The organization (line management, HR) with a benchmark on the capabilities of the PM pool
  • Recruiters with a view on competency levels against defined PM proficiency levels

By combining online self-assessment and a personal interview, you will get the best view on individual or team potential and development needs.

Each assessment assignment ideally consists of 3 phases, applicable to an individual stakeholder (or to a team):

First phase: Define scope (which competencies to assess) and assignment plan
Second phase: Prepare assessment environment (PMTalk – eAssess) and execute assessments
Third phase: Analyse and report with recommendations

The following outcomes can be expected by applying this assessment:

  • Assessment objectives
  • Assessment content
  • Assessment plan
  • Assessment reports and recommendations