Talent Management: competence assessment

"70% of employees report that they do not have mastery of the skills they need for their jobs.” (Gartner 2018)

21st century job environments change so rapidly that it is a challenge for people and businesses to keep track of the latest industry standards and effective good practices. Don’t let skill gaps become business gaps! Take charge of your organization's skill development with the help of the Threon Online Academy.

Do you want to strengthen your talents and capabilities, improve your performance, and become an even better value-contributor to your organization? Join us in our Academy to unleash your full potential and learn new professional approaches to the exiting domains of waterfall, hybrid and agile project management.

Threon’s Online Academy blends online self-learning, learning by doing in practice and virtual classroom learning in a way that helps you master new skills faster and retain new knowledge longer. Threon’s Online Academy accelerates your time to achievement and helps you reach higher skill levels.

Talent Management: competence assessment

Our approach

All Threon learning & development roadmaps and courses are designed with focus on increased performance and transfer of what is learned to your specific job environment. To realize this, we deliver training roadmaps that bridge current and future-oriented skill gaps and solve learning needs:

  1. First we determine, through interviews and workshops, the business impact of skills and performance gaps.
  2. Second: a recommendation on what can be solved with training and what are non-training needs. Our customer- and learner-centric motto places behavior over process and aims at providing effective trainings. Non training needs can not be solved by training and require other transformation methods.
  3. Step three is visualized by our Threon Online Academy snake: we provide integrated development of your talents by (1) interactive self-study in our learning management system (2) application and experimentation of what you learned in your job environment (3) (virtual) classroom training aimed at deepening what you have acquired (4) coaching and/or mentoring to support and strengthen your expertise in your work environment (5) self-study the new modules on your path to mastery.


4. The final step in our approach is an evaluation workshop in which we discuss delivered value by our training effectiveness measurement and prospective talent management opportunities.


For organizations:

  • Fixing (or avoiding) business gaps due to skill gaps in your organization
  • Sustainable behavioral change resulting in new skills being put in practice

For individual professionals:

  • Quickly learn new skills and increase you value for your organization
  • Mastery of international standards and new best practices

Interested to learn more about this approach? Read Infrabel's reference case story here or contact us for more information.