Talent Management: Career paths and training curricula

Do you have the objective to ensure that your organization is capable to demonstrate operational excellence in the realization of your project portfolio? With sponsors, project managers and team members ready for the job, and engaged towards the future?

The presence of a solid foundation for all stakeholders will increase your overall portfolio performance substantially, as stakeholders remain the most critical success factor in any project.

Talent Management: Career paths and training curricula

Your roadmap towards a full alignment between talent needs and talent supply

Our track record in knowledge and experience transfer, career paths, training curricula, assessments, PM communities, certification tracks and coaching will enrich your current approach.

Our digital platform PMTalk, social and global, involves the stakeholders from day one, engaging them fully. We will jointly create a successful roadmap towards a full alignment between talent needs and talent supply.

Each consulting assignment has 3 consecutive steps, each step having a customer approval milestone at the end:

  • Requirements definition: we identify with the customer the opportunities for reinforcement of current practices and identify the scope (deliverables)
  • Creation of required deliverables: this step includes all necessary work (and co-creation) to get to the approved deliverables, hereby maximizing the usage of Threon’s best practices. The roadmap is the most essential deliverable.
  • Deployment of the deliverable(s) within the customer’s organization

Here are some of the most common outcomes:

  • Talent management life cycle model for stakeholders involved in project, program and portfolio management
  • Individual assessments
  • Career curriculum for Project managers, PMO staff,…
  • Training curriculum per stakeholder group
  • PM community model with processes and stakeholders
  • Hybrid and blended training plan combining training on the job, near the job and off the job