Project- & Program Management delivery

Have you ever thought about initiating a new ‘strategic’ project, but you don’t have an experienced Project Manager in house? Or have you ever wondered how many projects you could realize with additional Project Management capacity?

Every organization has highly motivated and talented people in house, mainly with a very specific business knowledge. This can still not prevent organizations from facing an accurate shortage in qualified people and/or the need for a specific expertise!

This is where Threon comes to the rescue. Our Project Managers have a broad experience in several industries. They will help you to prepare, plan and execute your projects successfully. With Threon you do not hire a sole person, you hire the expertise of our entire organization!

Project- & Program Management delivery

We help you in the accurate selection of the right Project Manager, by selecting the right combination of competences needed to deliver the projects successfully. Afterwards we guarantee a qualitative project execution by defining standard deliverables and applying best practices.

In order to make sure you can deliver your key projects and programs, we provide following services:

  1. Project/Program Manager: Our PM experts take the lead in preparing, planning and executing your project. They have a lot of experience with managing multiple and/or complex projects, have solid planning capabilities, will follow-up on the planning and are capable to work fully autonomous. In other words, they bring in PM expertise to quickly structure, stabilize and manage your (troubled) project!
  2. Project Manager ‘Lead by Example’: Our PMs ‘Lead by Example’ can augment the other PM’s to a higher level. How will we do that? Based on the Threon best practices & experience, our PM Lead by example executes the best practice PM methodology for your organization. He/she will make sure the project is managed ‘by the rules of art’ and immediately applies the methodology in practice. This will create visible added value to these projects, will facilitate the embedment of the PM methodology in the organization and will significantly reduce the resistance to change.

    This project manager is able to coach other project managers in their approach, and to develop a more uniform approach to ultimately ensure a successful maturity increase of the internal organization.

Finally, your organization will benefit from this experience and can re-use these deliverables and approaches.

Is this the solution you’re looking for? Let’s get to work.

When working with our dedicated and highly skilled resources, you can count on these outcomes:

  • Qualitative and on time delivery of key projects and programs
  • Certainty to have the right (project/program manager) that fits your organization and that showcases the right set of skills and experience to deliver your project or program
  • On the job coaching and mentoring of your project managers
  • Efficient and hands on support for projects and programs