Project/Portfolio Management for SME's

Every organization initiates and executes projects aiming to create a competitive advantage. To realize the organization’s strategic objectives, it is crucial for those projects to succeed.

We have noticed that professional project management positively affects business productivity. Unfortunately, we notice that many organizations are struggling with a dual challenge when it comes to this project management put in practice. First, it is not easy to choose the most suitable project management approach. Second, your people might not have the time nor the capabilities to run your projects in an effective way.

Project/Portfolio Management for SME's


Luckily, Threon can help you tackle these challenges and professionalize your project management with the “PM Culture Program”. During this program, our experts help you set up a tailored project management approach which truly supports your business needs.

Our consultants are familiar with both the traditional way of working (the so-called ‘Waterfall approach’) as well as with lean & customer-oriented approaches (Agile, SAFe®, etc.). Every program our consultants implement, starts with the identification of the most suitable methodology or mindset. We are determined to find a solution that is always in line with your organization’s needs. This way, our consultants will be able to deliver a personalized approach to manage your projects in an effective and efficient way. In the end, this approach will enable you to deliver more value to your customers yourself!

Our PM Culture program consists of 3 consecutive stages:

  1. Assessment: In the first stage, we will pinpoint which areas of Project- and Portfolio Management need to be covered, and which processes need improvement. In other words, we examine how to increase your project maturity. This results in a recommendation report and an implementation roadmap as key deliverables.
  2. Approach development: Based on the outcomes of the assessment, our experts will join you to develop and apply a tailor-made implementation process, both from a project as portfolio management point of view. As the ‘change’ needs to be adopted by your organization, we build up a core team consisting of key representatives from your organization. They will help us to define the best approach for your organization and together we will get every single one of your employees engaged in this new way of working!
  3. Change Management (Training, Tools, …) & Support: Defining your approach, processes and tools is one thing, but putting these into practice is something else! That is why we stress the importance of change management in our PM Culture Program. We will organize information sessions, in-depth training sessions and provide extensive coaching to your (future) project managers.

To realize this ambitious journey, we can also provide additional support by delivering a Project Manager (Lead by Example), PMO officer or Project Support Officer who helps you put this project or portfolio process into practice. In each of these stages, our consultants will stress the importance of “simplicity” (Keep it simple!):

  • Start with a “fit for purpose” decision making process based on key decision criteria and resource availability: from strategy to a feasible roadmap of projects
  • Bring transparency (in reporting) by eliminating unnecessary data
  • Increase ‘agility’ into your project and program delivery

After completing this track, you can count on these outcomes:

  • An approach to translate your organization’s strategy into a feasible roadmap of projects
  • Transparency over your current and future portfolio of projects
  • An improved and mature project management & clearly defined project management processes
  • Trained and coached project managers, ready to support you in the transformation of your organization!