Get your Portfolio roadmap back on track

Organizations are forced to define new priorities to tackle the changed world. The shift in priorities might have been communicated from C-level to the organization, however, it remains very difficult and challenging to adapt the project portfolio to these new priorities. Do you have a list of all your running and new projects? Do you know who is doing what for the coming weeks and months? How do you make you choices that are actionable?

Visualizing the allocation of scarce resources for the upcoming months (Mid-term resource management) and visualizing the longer-term feasibility of any larger investments that need approval, will become even more key again.

Time for a mid-term resource management battle plan that gives you quickly a full overview of which crucial resources are asked in the upcoming 3 to 6 months, so senior management can really decide on priorities.

Get your Portfolio roadmap back on track


With this mid-term resource management plan, we ensure:

  • You will have an exhaustive list of all running and new projects
  • An adequate view on requested resources for those projects
  • A model to be able to select which projects you will execute first
    • Decide between business drivers
    • Decide which projects first
    • Decide how to swap resources between projects
    • Any other possible decision
  • An impact overview on the current resource roadmap


  • Kick-off and scoping: we start by organizing a strategic working to decide: which buckets to use, which info to collect and how to organize this, which budget splits and resources to take into account, etc.
  • Identification & evaluation: we ensure that all projects are identified and transparent (current and new proposed projects), by talking to different stakeholders and facilitating a strategic workshop.
  • Estimate 6M resource demand: check & sharpen high-level schedules for existing projects. Create high-level schedules for new project ideas or non-existing projects. And consolidate all resource needs or the upcoming 6 months.
  • Selection of the projects that maximize the value of the portfolio: we facilitate to select those projects which maximize the value of the portfolio, taking into account constraints set by the organization (1) budget limitation and (2) resource availability.
  • Decision on when to do which projects (cf. roadmap): Prioritization of projects based on needed resource capacity and take dependencies in consideration and validation of stakeholders.

All of this in 6 weeks and with very limited workload for your organization. We come in with a team and will bring this transparency forward.