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We support (and help you run) your PMO towards value delivery

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PMO Services

Your PMO should be profitable, increase PM maturity, add value and bring structure to the chaos with respect to tight deadlines? We are here to help you out!

Setting up your PMO

Starting with a clear PMO mandate, our experts develop a roadmap for the implementation of your project organization, and guide you towards running a fully operating office, both acting in a waterfall environment, a hybrid or even full agile context.

Operating your PMO

We support your PMO to the maximum via our Delivery solution and Delivery 'Lead by Example' goes even futher. Our PMO/portfolio managers use their backpack of best practices to actively make sure the project is managed 'by the rules of art' and immediately apply the methodology in practice via portfolio optimization and execution, delivery support, a portfolio and project management center of excellence, etc. They facilitate the decision-making process for your senior stakeholders by providing insights related to your project portfolio and PMO performance. On top of that, this service can include (one-to-one) coaching. Your personal Threon coach can help you increase PMO maturity by:

  • Introducing solid PMO hard skills;
  • Optimizing soft skills for a smooth functioning of our PMO;
  • Being the PMO lifeline that supports you in tackling all PMO related challenges.

Transforming your PMO

After going through your tailored PMO Transformation approach, different results are possible. Depending on the challenges you have to increase your PMO Maturity, the following results arise:

  • Your Project Organization is transformed into a Department of Simplicity;
  • A (new) PPP methodology, tools and templates are developed or improved;
  • A sustainable quality surveillance is set up that triggers a continuous improvement process;
  • An PPM Tool (Project Online) is implemented and embedded by the Project Organization to create insights and transparency;
  • A successful transformation from a Decentral to Corporate PMO (or vice versa) is realized;
  • A PMO with integrated PM’s/PgM’s is set up;
  • A Lean Agile Support office (LASO) is in place and the organization adapts the agile way of working.

PMO as a Service

You need a reliable and experienced partner who can guarantee an optimal working of your PMO? In this case, our 'PMO as a Service' is the solution you need! This solid cooperation model is based upon the outsourcing principle, where we make sure you can count on high quality profiles that help you successfully support (PMO) and/or deliver your projects, because we recruit the right people ourselves. We guarantee an extensive onboarding, guidance on the job and even developed a platform that holds the necessary methodology, documents and best practices that contributes to professionalizing your project management or PMO.

What's in it for you?
  1. Continuity in the qualitative delivery of the right set of projects by a Threon team;
  2. Efficient assignment of internal competences within your organization;
  3. Quick startup thanks to an engagement manager.
"Threon manages our PMO whilst continuously increasing the project & portfolio management maturity, which allows us to focus on delivering projects in balance with our operational tasks" - Customer chemical industry
"The performance and impact of our PMO increased thanks to the introduction of hybrid tooling (i.e. Microsoft Project Online & TFS)" - Insurance company
"We are confident all project and portfolio managers Threon offers us are driven and well qualified people with a professional attitude" - Governmental organization