Portfolio/PMO services

Would more structure in your project portfolio be preferable? Is your current Project Management Office (PMO) failing to prove value? Or, does your organization lack any kind of PMO at all? No worries: our experts can support you in many ways.

Portfolio/PMO services

Set up, optimize and operate

In order to manage your portfolio and ongoing programs better, we help you set up and/or optimize your PMO. Depending on your needs, our services include:

  1. On-site support: we deliver portfolio and PMO experts that support you on site, equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools that you require. We won’t leave until your PMO is (back) on track.
  2. ‘Change & running’ guidance: starting with a clear PMO mandate, our experts develop a roadmap for implementation, and guide you towards running a fully operating office.
  3. Operate: we provide you with PMO/portfolio managers who support you in portfolio optimization and execution, delivery support, a portfolio and project management center of excellence, etc. They facilitate the decision-making process for your senior stakeholders by providing insights related to your project portfolio and PMO performance.
  4. Consultancy: once your PMO is up and running, our people pass it over to your internal teams. But that doesn’t mean our job is done: we keep on coaching and advising as long as you prefer.

After completing a tailored track, you can count on these outcomes:

  • mastery of standard approaches for portfolio and program management
  • premium insights and advice related to your decision-making
  • streamlined processes facilitated by a well-oiled PMO
  • higher efficiency: your people apply their competencies to the fullest