PMO Maturity Assessment

You’ve set up the PMO to obtain better project results, right? But did you know 50% of project management offices close within 3 years?*

Being aware of the maturity of your PMO enables your organization to identify areas of improvement, while also establishing goals for where you want your PMO to be in the future. Successful PMOs are constantly being challenged to find the best way to ensure that their practices continuously fit organizational needs.

Let us challenge your PMO together, starting with our online PMO Maturity Assessment (10 minutes), which enables you to evaluate the way your PMO is operating right now. Afterwards, you receive a personalized report with feedback that helps you improve your PMO maturity level!

Online PMO Maturity Assessment
PMO Maturity Assessment

You want us to thoroughly evaluate and improve how your PMO is operating, instead of using our shortened online maturity assessment yourself?

That's possible!

  • We help you prepare for your assessment
    In a first stage we clarify goals and expectations. Then we identify key stakeholders and go through already available information.
  • We organize your assessment (Maturity/Gap analysis)
    Next, we have conversations with the key stakeholders to get an idea of the existing situation. We identify gaps between the actual and the desired maturity level.
  • We discuss recommendations
    Recommendations will be identified and discussed. We take your potential for improvement into account, as well as the ease of implementation.
  • Together, we define your roadmap
    Finally, a roadmap is defined which includes alignment, prioritization and phasing of the initiatives. A change approach and set-up of communication and governance is included.

After completing this maturity assessment, you can count on these outcomes:

  • Increased awareness on perceived value and effectiveness of your PMO
  • A strategic plan to improve the maturity of your PMO
  • Competitive advantage due to higher PMO maturity**

* Source: Association for Project Management. ** Projects are often defined as the 'means by which organizations' implement strategy. A firm is said to have a competitive advantage when it is implementing a value creating strategy not simultaneously being implemented by any current or potential competitor.