PM Culture Program

When it comes to project management (PM), we see that many organizations face a double challenge. On one hand, it’s not always easy to choose a suited project management approach. On the other hand, your team might not have the time nor the capabilities to run your projects in an effective way.

Luckily, both challenges can be tackled with our PM culture program. During this program, our experts help you set up a tailored PM approach that truly supports your team. Our consultants are familiar with both the more traditional way of working (the so called Waterfall approaches) as well as with the lean and customer oriented approaches (like Agile, SAFe®,…). Every track starts with looking at the most adequate methodology or mindset to create the best results for your projects and so directly for your customers.

PM Culture Program

A systematic approach: from basics to brilliance

We close the gap between theory and practice by setting up your missing PM processes, supported by lean tools and hands-on coaching. Our approach consists of these four steps:

  1. Assessment: in a first stage, we define which projects take priority and which PM processes need improvement. Or, put another way: we examine how to increase your project maturity with a pragmatic roadmap as guideline.
  2. Approach development: next, our experts join you on site and develop an implementation approach. We don’t want to treat the ‘symptoms’ without tackling the cause of your problems. That’s why, if necessary, we first handle the basic elements of your current approach before moving to more advanced models. Every three months, we evaluate the progress together.
  3. Training and tools: if required, we train your people in project management. This may involve an introduction to and installation of supporting tools. In our offer: Microsoft PPM (Project Server & Project Online), Jira and Team Foundation Server.
  4. Follow-up: defining your approach, processes and tools is one thing. Putting these into practice something else. That’s why our experts coach your project managers on the job as long as needed.

To assure simplicity in your project organisation, our consultants emphasize 3 attention points:

  • Start with deciding which projects contribute to your business goals and which don't. The decision making process (a fit for purpose) is based on key criteria and your resource availability
  • bring transparency by eliminating unnecessary data
  • increase agility into your project and program delivery

Bringing transparency, fit for purpose and agility into your organization must be accompanied by a change approach. An organisation consists primarily of people. The team and the organization must be adequately guided during these changes.

After completing this track, you can count on these outcomes:

  • specific insights on how to maintain and increase your project management maturity
  • mastery of a PM approach suited to your organization
  • A change coalition to transform your organization