ERP Quality Assurance

As an independent partner, we evaluate your ERP project from an objective point of view and identify the risks and opportunities for improvement.

Each ERP implementation project has touchpoints with several project dimensions. Think about governance, people, processes, but even change management and technology. Do you have the feeling that your project is getting off track or your implementation partner is only focusing on the technical part of the job?

Get in touch with one of our experts, as our independent position allows us to review the project deliverables, processes and approach from an objective point of view.

ERP Quality Assurance


Threon strongly believes in the strength of an analysis of the project, the project’s progress, feasibility of the initial objectives and risks. Thanks to our three stages approach, we successfully help organizations to get their ERP project back on track:

  1. “Health-Check”: Through interviews and intervision moments, our experts will get a clear view on and insight in the current situation of your implementation project. Risks will be identified and visualized in a heat map, next to opportunities for improvement.
  2. Continuous Quality Assurance: Our experts will support and coach your project manager during his/her day-to-day activities to regain control over the project. Reporting to the steering committee will be provided on a regular basis. If needed, our experts will propose ‘deep-dives’ on specific project dimensions.
  3. “Deep-dives”: Each deep-dive consists of the review of one or more project dimensions and its corresponding deliverables or processes. Resulting in a qualitative report with observations, conclusions and a concrete action plan.

Not sure if your project will provide the expected value? Let us support you to get your project back on track!

The following outcomes can be guaranteed when our experts evaluate your current ERP project:

  • Mapping of risks and opportunities after objective evaluation of your current ERP project
  • Continuous quality assurance with accurate reporting
  • Detailed view on different project dimensions, which results in a concrete action plan to improve your current ERP project.