ERP Project Management & Advisory services

Did your current enterprise systems outgrow your organization and are you using several tools to keep everything together? Do you have the objective to transform your business and achieve operational excellence via an ERP implementation? You are not the only organization who is facing this challenge... No less than 75% of those ERP implementations fail. Implementing an ERP package is not easy. It is one of the biggest investments for businesses these days. Particularly mid-size organizations experience the struggle. However, it is crucial that the implementation and go-live process happens smoothly. Luckily, we are happy to help you out!

ERP Project Management & Advisory services

At Threon, we believe in a systematic and coordinated approach, as it is not just about overcoming technical obstacles. It is also an adoption challenge because both the users as the management team need to be encouraged to adopt the organizational change. Therefore, we introduce you to our ERP approach, which consists of three stages:

  1. Gathering requirements: Starting from your organization’s strategic goals, our consultants help you to define objectives to implement or update your new ERP platform. We analyze and recommend (potential) optimizations to the key business processes, but also support the identification & prioritization of business requirements. Subsequently, we advise and support you in developing your future IT strategy.
  2. Package & partner selection: Based on the defined business requirements, a detailed request for proposal is compiled stating both functional and technical requirements. We review your request-for-proposal (RFP) responses on accuracy and quality, organize demo sessions and reference visits and provide a solid recommendation. In the end, we will make sure your organization takes the right cultural, financial and strategic decisions when you need to select the new package.
  3. Implementation project & change management: During the implementation stage, we preferably use a team-based approach. Our consultants act as your internal project manager and manage the collaboration with the implementation partner. We closely manage the implementation process and ensure that all expectations and requirements are met. On top, we provide training, coaching and operational support (e.g. data migration, testing, post go-live support).

What you can expect after implementing an ERP package:

  • An organization-wide implemented ERP package
  • Full coverage of the key technical and functional requirements
  • A future-proof configuration in line with your organization’s strategic objectives and business processes
  • End-user adoption and full embracement of this organizational change by all your employees