Construction project management

Whether your organization is launching its next construction project, or your core business revolves around building or renovation projects: Threon assists you in many ways. We provide the required expertise to reduce potential risks and help you deliver your goals on-time and on-budget.

Construction project management

Our approach

We customize our approach around your unique perspective, representing your needs at every phase.

  1. Define your strategic context: first, we develop a benefit map to clarify how your measurable goals regarding your facilities will be realized.
  2. Design a roadmap: using your strategic context, we link your goals and extend them over time to help you coordinate your project holistically.
  3. Create a project lifecycle: our construction-specific project lifecycle plan divides your project into phases, with a two-fold focus on the construction itself and on the project management. This approach is new to the market: it increases transparency across your organization and ensures the effective use of resources.
  4. Assist with building-specific issues: if your organization is experienced in construction, we offer strategic coordination and consultancy in permitting, real estate analyses, feasibility studies, procurement, follow-ups, etc.
  5. Close guidance: we work closely with you beyond project completion to ensure its qualitative success.

Our construction project management experts have experience in various branches of construction as well as deep knowledge of business processes. This unique combination of project management knowledge and sector expertise makes us your ideal partner in construction.

You can count on these outcomes:

  • time and money savings
  • more time to focus on your core business
  • the simplicity of a single point of contact that guides your project
  • centralized document management