Best Practice App - Resource Management

Efficient resource management is essential for any type of organization to successfully deliver projects and programs. Many organizations struggle to have an accurate view on the total resource demand and supply.

To overcome this hurdle, we developed a customizable solution on Project Online, starting from best practices we gathered from our cross-sector experience.

Together with you, our experts will work to make sure all your resource management needs are covered.

Best Practice App - Resource Management

Our three step approach

Step 1: INPUT – Our experts will collaborate closely with you, in order to identify the inputs necessary for the definition of your tailored process(es). These inputs are:

  • Your core business
  • Your project types
  • Your organizational structure (matrix – projectized)
  • Your resource management maturity & needs

Step 2: PROCESS DEFINITION – As a result of the collected inputs, it will become clear how our Best Practice App can help your organization. A few common scenario’s:

  • Central allocation of activities to teams by team manager at the request of the project manager & progress is communicated back to project schedule
  • Execute portfolio simulations based on timing and resource needs, choose the most applicable scenario and notify the project managers
  • Manage complex work packages as separate projects without losing the overall project overview

Step 3: OUTPUT – Once the processes have been completely defined and accepted by all stakeholders, we will support you throughout the implementation of these processes and tools into your organization

When you use our Best Practice App in Resource Management, you will experience the following outcomes:

  • Identification of critical resources for the realization of your strategic goals
  • Insights gained in the resource needs and availabilities
  • Resource mismatches are proactively identified
  • A continuous and up-to-date view on your resource pool
  • Optimized resource usage through your entire portfolio of projects
  • Manageable operational tasks and project work