Agile Experts

We offer dynamic, dedicated & result oriented professionals to boost your agile culture. Our agile experts accelerate delivery and blend perfectly with your existing team.

Hiring an agile expert can be an efficient and cost-effective way of transferring specific knowledge and skills to your own employees. Besides that, it could be useful if you experience some capacity problems and are in need of a professional who knows how to apply the agile way of working in your organization and is therefore able to adapt quickly.

Agile Experts


In (hybrid) agile organizations, teams work differently than in traditional ones. People operate with a higher level of accountability and put more emphasis on competencies like intrapreneurship and adaptability. As an agile team coach, you focus on your entire group and the specific interactions within your team. Continuous improvement and personal or team coaching becomes therefore critical if you want to be able to adapt to the always changing market environment. We help you understand the core values of agility and train you through our 3 stages approach in becoming a more experienced team coach.

  • Our Scrum Masters support & enforce the rules of scrum. They help the team to realize their stories and stimulate their self-organizing capabilities & effective delivery by removing impediments.
  • Our Product Owners maximize the value of the product and represent the needs of the business and customer. They are excellent stakeholder managers who take responsibility for determining and prioritizing features. He or she clarifies the project vision, evaluates the return on investment, and is responsible for adding user stories and their acceptance criteria to the product backlog. The Product Owner is also involved in specific meetings and activities, including sprint meetings and backlog grooming
  • Transformation consultants
  • Agile coaches

Afer involving an agile expert from Threon, you can count on these benefits:

  • Fast and qualitative delivery
  • Improved agile way of working
  • In-depth knowledge and best practices transferred to your organization
  • Increased team dynamics