Agile culture program

To gain a competitive advantage, you need the ability to translate insights into actions quickly. Nonetheless, finding the right pace isn’t that simple. Sometimes you’re too late: a competitor is already ahead of you. Sometimes you’re too early: your newly launched product or service still has teething troubles...

One thing’s for sure: to obtain your results in a fast and consistent way, an agile way of working is key.

Agile culture program

An agile approach: from small to large

It is unrealistic to expect an organization-wide transformation at once. Here at Threon, we believe in a systematic approach to achieving agility, consisting of the following stages:

  1. Assessment: in a first stage, we uncover the critical points and check your ‘agile readiness’. Then, we identify a series of key initiatives that are feasible to test on the short term.
  2. Approach development: next, our experts join you on site and develop an agile way of working. We apply our approach to one small unit first and to additional units afterwards. We work in short sprints, with a business release every three months. Why? Because this approach allows you to implement changes where necessary, during the entire transformation track.
  3. People, processes and tools: we guide your people closely and train them intensively to develop your agile way of working. We pay special attention to team dynamics in order to create self-organizing teams. We also offer training on specific ‘agile’ roles, such as scrum master, agile coach and product owner. If needed, we implement supporting tools.
  4. Follow-up: being agile means staying agile. Our experts are always there to prepare you for the next sprint, as the market never stops evolving.

After completing this track, you can count on these outcomes:

  • specific insights into how to increase and maintain your organization’s agility
  • empowered and self-organizing teams with all competencies in the right places
  • clarity into which processes need to be more flexible and which can stay the same
  • faster time to market