Agile Coaching

You want to introduce an agile way of working into your organization, but you feel lost in all the buzzwords? No need for panic. At Threon, we believe that guidance through coaching is a powerful way to improve the performance of an individual, a team and even an organization.

Our agile coaches help you to apply lean-agile thinking and at the same time act as a role model, demonstrating the behavior of an agile evangelist.

Agile Coaching


In (hybrid) agile organizations, teams work differently than in traditional ones. People operate with a higher level of accountability and put more emphasis on competencies like intrapreneurship and adaptability. As an agile team coach, you focus on your entire group and the specific interactions within your team. Continuous improvement and personal or team coaching becomes therefore critical if you want to be able to adapt to the always changing market environment. We help you understand the core values of agility and train you through our 3 stages approach in becoming a more experienced team coach.

Our coaching approach consists of 3 stages: the awareness stage, the development stage and the learning stage.

  • Awareness phase: we create a common agenda between your Threon coach and the coachee(s), aligned with the objectives set by the management.
  • Learning phase: agile knowledge and experience examples are shared by the coach.
  • Development phase: the coachee starts to take initiative to further develop his or her experiences and knowledge with continuous guidance of the Threon coach.

You can always count on your coach for following up the whole learning process, which typically includes:

  • Carry out agility in the organization
  • Coaching on team dynamics
  • Coaching on the use of agile practices
  • Creating a safe environment to learn
  • Coaching management on servant leadership
  • Facilitating the start of new agile teams