Threon’s part in the acclaimed iVIGO app project

In 2013, European technical orthopedics leader VIGO concluded that its processes and technologies were no longer sufficient to improve customer experience. To be able to develop and implement a new mobile application, VIGO turned to Threon. The fruitful project, crucial to VIGO’s business today, sent us home with the Audience Prize at the prestigious Supply Chain Awards 2015.

As a leader in the European orthopedic industry, it’s important for VIGO to optimize its products as well as its customer experience. In 2013, however, the company noticed that its processes and technologies had hit a growth ceiling. Enter Threon: when a company calls for a change, we’re always happy to jump on board.



Before the implementation of the app, VIGO was losing precious time and money to inefficient planning, overly complex information processing and inaccurate monitoring. For instance, administrative employees entered all orders manually into the system, a time-consuming and error-prone process. Defective or incorrect information resulted in delays and even incomplete deliveries.


VIGO decided to develop and implement a mobile application. To execute this transformation, VIGO appealed on Threon. We performed a thorough audit, analysis and check of possible solutions. With the result of this project, the iVIGO app, we managed to tackle different challenges at once.

Through iVIGO, health care providers can now easily order orthoses via their tablets or smart phones. These orders are registered accurately right from the start: a blessing for VIGO’s administrators. With iVIGO, health care providers can also inform their patients better, as the app gives an overview of VIGO’s full product range, external supplier catalogs and delivery status information.


With the iVIGO project, the company has reinvented itself. Some striking results:

  • less paperwork and fewer returns - orders are processed digitally, which keeps errors and inaccuracies to a minimum;
  • lead times have decreased, reducing patients’ wait times for orthoses;
  • stock products are delivered 33% faster and custom orders 10% faster
  • the use of QR codes by the Material Coordination Department (MATCO) has made processing incoming and outgoing transport more efficient;
  • improved experience of patients, health care providers and VIGO staff.


Finally, our joint effort did not go unnoticed. In 2015, we walked off with the Audience Prize at the prestigious Supply Chain Awards, organized annually by Flanders’ Purchasing and Logistics Association (VIB). The iVIGO project was nominated in the category ‘Project of the Year’.

About VIGO

VIGO has grown to be a worldwide leader in the area of technical orthopedics. With care centers in different European countries, it assists patients in search of prostheses, orthotics, braces, orthopedic footwear to cosmetic silicone solutions.