How Threon is helping Onesto to digitally transform into ‘Onesto 2.0’

To anticipate changing market demands, Onesto, a cooperation of recognized credit companies, wants to expand its mortgage offering. This objective does not just require an internal transformation, but the setup of a new digital platform for lending and investment as well. Threon already helped Onesto in designing its roadmap, selecting its IT partner and guiding the implementation.



Research conducted by Onesto’s board of directors has shown that Onesto is facing impactful market trends. On one hand, due to stricter capital rules, conventional banks will be focusing more on large savers. On the other hand, the government will be forced to scale down subsidized home loans to people with limited incomes due to budget constraints. Consequently, the demand for home loans from Onesto’s conventional target audience will increase.

However, a threat is just around the corner. On an international level, fintech companies – which provide financial services through software and technology – are also increasingly interested in providing these kinds of loans.


To meet increasing demand and to arm itself against competitors, Onesto wants to digitally transform itself into ‘Onesto 2.0’. Threon was asked to put its revamped business model into place.

Together with Onesto, we first refined the group’s mission, vision and strategy. Next, our experts developed a three-year roadmap. An important objective is the setup of a new digital platform. This platform will ensure access to a transparent, rapid, end-to-end credit granting process to both clients and Onesto employees, as well as to other stakeholders like investors, notaries and debt mediators.

In addition, the digital platform will allow Onesto to expand its offering: through this channel, the company will provide new services for homeowners, private investors and credit providers.


In 2017, an external IT partner had already started building Onesto’s new platform. In addition to developing the roadmap, our experts focused on customer experience and streamlining the new business processes as a catalyst for change.

By 2019, Onesto intends to achieve these results:

  • the launch of a modern digital platform for clients, loan intermediaries and employees
  • improved customer experience and self-service for requesting and managing home loans
  • streamlined internal processes
  • expanded services offered through the new platform
  • a pioneering role thanks to its innovative technology

About Onesto

Onesto is an official trade association of Onesto Kredietmaatschappij nv. The trade association is comprised of multiple credit companies that are members of the Onesto group which exclusively grant ‘Onesto home loans’. The Flemish government provides a guarantee to Onesto for offering the mortgages with favorable credit terms.