How Threon energized Encevo’s project management culture

Encevo Group, composed of energy provider Enovos and grid operator Creos, is a key player in Luxembourg’s energy transition. In a highly evolving and regulated sector, successfully delivering projects is a key strategic driver for this organization. In 2015, when an organizational assessment pointed out a series of gaps and inefficiencies in project and portfolio management, the energy company turned to Threon.



Encevo’s organizational assessment revealed isolated and misaligned approaches and different levels of maturity regarding project and portfolio management practices. Moreover, the assessment raised other issues such as a lack of visibility regarding ongoing and future projects, too many ongoing projects leading to capacity and delivery problems or a missing structured approach for benefit realization management. Most importantly, a real shift of mindset was needed in order to ensure a successful transformation.


The Encevo Executive Committee officially approved the launch of a project management improvement initiative in 2016, with four key objectives:

  • develop an organizational environment that allows to conduct projects more efficiently and with improved alignment to the strategic objectives;
  • facilitate the deployment of the organizational strategy;
  • implement concrete and uniform methods and pull the organization towards effective, pragmatic and harmonized project and portfolio management practices
  • provide overview and transparency on all on-going initiatives within the organization

To achieve these goals, our experts defined and started the implementation of a PM Culture Program focusing on a long term vision, integration and durable change in the organization. They undertook significant change management efforts to ensure that all people on all levels of the organization were on board.


With Threon’s guidance, Encevo successfully defined and deployed new corporate guidelines, governance and tools for project and portfolio management. Training was provided to stakeholders at all levels of the company, from executives, sponsors and portfolio managers to project managers and team members.

Simplified reporting processes and tools have led to a higher visibility on global project and portfolio status. A streamlined portfolio of projects has been achieved thanks to a structured approach towards project justification and the implementation of a clear portfolio governance model.

The key to success relies without any doubt on a robust and structured change management approach. This enabled the organization to evolve in the right direction, transforming its mindset into one that supports efficient project and portfolio management practices.

About Encevo

Employing more than 1,500 people, the Luxembourgish Encevo Group operates over 300,000 delivery points of electricity and natural gas and manages 9,700 kilometers of power lines and 3,700 kilometers of pipelines. As an active energy player entailing an energy supplier (Enovos) and a grid operator (Creos), Encevo seeks to create the innovative energy strategy of tomorrow based on a sustainable business model.